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Edtech start-up that helps students discover their potential





SoftClay is an early-stage edtech start-up founded by stellar team from IIT Delhi, India, that helps students discover a wide range of opportunities and understand the potential outcomes of each path they may take in their education and career.

My main focus point for the project was to create the website which showcases the key details about the upcoming startup and provide information about the career opportunities for the students on the website to explore and register for the free career session.

Swati Ganeti

Gaurav is an absolute pleasure to work with. Perfect example of 100% ownership and professionalism. Once you have given him a brief, he would come up with the ideas and layout that would perfectly suit your need. He would go beyond the project scope to recommend the best practices that can help your business. And needless to say, his designs are clean, neat, and sophisticated. Would highly recommend him.

Swati Ganeti

Founder, SoftClay

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