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Life’s Top 10

Chad Richard needed help in designing an incredibly powerful book cover that is so visually interesting and intriguing that if you saw it as you were walking past a bookstore in a shopping mall, you would have to stop to check it out and see what it is all about. And when you combine that image with the book title “Life’s Top 10” and the tagline “A Roadmap for Navigating the 10 Most Important Topics in Life”, it must strike you as intriguing. After 178 designs made by over 22 designers during the contest, this one attracted Richard the most.
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“I have been very impressed with Gaurav’s design talents and his responsiveness to client requests and direction. I sponsored a book cover contest on for a non-profit that I founded and had a very strong turnout of designers who submitted a large range of very professional designs (approximately 25 designers who submitted a total of roughly 175 designs; there were many top-shelf designs to choose from). I then narrowed the field and ran a poll among many friends, co-workers, etc. and Gaurav’s design was the winner. In addition to my role as founder of Life’s Top 10, I have been a marketing executive at large US companies for over 20 years and have been very impressed with Gaurav’s abilities. He has been incredibly responsive to my requests for additional design options for evaluation and has offered his own talents and insights into the process. I am very happy with the work and am continuing to work with Gaurav on 1 to 1 projects to complete other projects that I need. I would certainly recommend Gaurav and his work.”

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